plus list!

i have become totally obsessed with crafting. it has taken over my apartment and all of my spare time. not totally sure what it is. maybe its just fun. normally i find things to do with my hands when i am unhappy or worried about some thing. my life has been totally amazing as of late. hopefully something productive comes of all of the paintings, crochet, pictures, drawings and all of the random other crafty things going on in my home.

all of this calls for a list. here it goes.

things i have been obsessed with as of late!

1. crochet

2. apartment decorating

(found  here)

3. ghosts (or the "g word" as i force everyone to say
when its dark out)

(found here.)

4. funky little 35mm cameras

which i am getting this week for hallowxmas! and is... (found here.)

5. golden paint

6. dead man's bones

amazing amazing amazing horror band with a children singing. so awesome find it  here!

7. bones

yay for lists! thats it for now. have a good night


  1. I've been wanting to crochet too! My aunt taught me when I was a kid, but I've forgotten since then. Look's like I'm gonna need to get back into the swing of things!

  2. its so super easy once you start! i watched you tube videos!

  3. your cool! I want to be your cyber pal!

  4. this list made me happy! beautiful things!