happy things!

by the end of this week i will have stuff i have been working on on etsy. im super excited to get this stuff started. maybe ill finally get some goals done.
im at work right now and there are all of the creepy drunk people out staring in at me because the bakery has these huge windows as the front. its basically like working in a fish bowl. i hate working this shift. normally im in at three am and no one is out then but a few sad homeless people.
home life is going awesome. im so content. and knocking on wood.

mikey and i are doing xmas on halloween this year. i asked for a bunch of cute crafty stuff and a gift card to joann fabric! ek im so excited! we are gonna finish painting the kitchen and bedroom of the apartment (which has been half done for over a year now) and then take all of the random crap down in the living room that i have up and frame the nice stuff. then we are gonna paint and hang everything nicely. he has a bunch of awesome limited screen prints and movie posters that we can put up also. life is good. i cant wait! its gonna look so awesome once everything is done!

off to baking a go!
have a good night

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