23 before 24 list!

I borrowed an idea from Elsie and made a "23 Things to do Before I Turn 24" list. It's all stuff that gets talked about and written about all of the time and never seems to happen.

1) Sell first item on etsy.com
2) Complete an online class.
3) Go to Seattle/Portland.
4) Collect plastic toy cameras.
5) Get tattooed 4 times.
6) Take a picture a day, then make a book of it.
7) Finish painting apartment.
8) Make quilt for my bed.
9) Make a granny square afgan.
10) Visit Mom 4 times.
11) Write in journal at least 4 times a week.
12) Watch less TV.
13) Read 10 books. (One being the Divine Comedy)
14) Go to NYC museums.
15) Finish Wes Anderson Collection.
16) Fill a sketch book with ideas.
17) Relearn cursive.
18) See an octopus in real life.
19) Start recipe/art book.
20) Volunteer with a charity.
21) Redo wardrobe using thrifted/upcycled/handmade clothing.
22) Go to 4 local art shows.
23) Run a booth at a local craft fair.

So there it is! A few of them might be kind of hard but if they all get completed by December 19th, 2010 I get a reward. I still haven't thought of what that will be yet so if you have any ideas let me know! Birthday pictures will come in the next few days. There are a million of them and its getting late.
Casey Kirkland


  1. I did one too! Mine also says visit portland and get more tattoos. Good luck on yours! :)

  2. two very awesome goals! Good luck on yours also!