holiday stress!

I think holiday stress is a semi good kind of stress. It leads up to something awesome at least. The next two days are gonna be filled with cleaning, making my own cake for my birthday and trying to finish up some more presents!
Saturday is my 23rd birthday! I'm an only child so I tend to be a bit spoiled on my birthday. My mom is going to get here at 7am (ek!) and we are going to go to breakfast at a super cute place around here. Then we are going to spend the day going to the used book store, target and opening presents! Her and my Step dad are staying at my Grandmas out in Cazenovia where I grew up and my Father still lives. Saturday evening a million people are coming over, my father, step mom, step brother, my nephew and his father, Emily, Devon, Luke and Mikes Mom. This is a crazy amount of people in our apartment. I'll have to move things around so everyone fits! Sunday my grandmother on my mother's side is making brunch so I'll head out to Cazenovia to see my Mommy again and have brunch there. Then I have Monday off to recover and snuggle with my Mikey. I am so excited!
Hopefully there will be a million pictures to post!


  1. Sounds like you're going to have a great birthday! what kind of cake are you baking? I always have carrot cake on my birthday. I'm excited to see pictures.

  2. I totally agree about holiday stress being kind of good- I enjoy it in a weird way! haha.

    Also- I hope you have an amazing birthday- you deserve it! <333

  3. Thanks you guys! I am making a Chocolate Peppermint cake! I am very excited!