week of 12/21/2009 JUMPSTART

I had some really weird dreams last night. Then I woke up confused as to where I was or what was real, the dream or now. It was the worst thing ever! Finally I'm feeling less confused.
Anyways... here is the weekly jumpstart! This week is going to be 8 things I am going to be working on over the week. Yay!

1) My dad made me a bookcase headboard for my birthday and I went out to get something pretty to decorate it with. I came home with these huge Christmas tree lights all excited. It turns out they heat too much to do what I originally had an idea for (to coil them and line the headboard with them). Now I am on a quest to figure out what to do. In my search for an idea I ran across this girls photographs. They are amazing. Go take a look.

2) We are moving my office into this weird giant closet thing off of our living room after the holidays are done. I'm trying to find some inspiration. Having a bit of trouble. But I always love this craft room!

3) This is amazing! I need it! It's a tooth brush holder!

4)I'm making this tonight for my nephew! I am so excited!

5) In my "free time" I am going to make these for all of our presents we are giving out. Mike doesn't know it yet but he is helping :)

6) I can't wait to redo my kitchen!

7) I'm going green for this holiday! Only recycled wrapping paper. My mom gave me a bunch of out of date maps from where she works that would have just been thrown away. Also I am going to make these:

8) This is the afghan I think I wanna make when I check that goal off the list!


Time to finish making presents!


  1. Wow, I loved this post! And I am so glad you had a great birthday <3

  2. LED lights! I'm not sure if they'll be going on sale with the rest of the christmas lights and stuff but seriously they're pretty and don't get hot. We just have small bulbs but I think they may of had some bigger ones.

  3. Dorian- aren't led lights those ugly blue ones?

  4. They come in blue I think. We got ours in white. Oh eh I guess they kinda look blue-ish purple-ish. They had some that were multicolored too!