week of 12/7/09 jumpstart

I need to jumpstart this week with some inspiration. So here are eight things that make me wanna run out and start doing things!

1) Camera collection.  Some day I want mine to be this big.

2)Christmas decorations that warm the heart!

3)Snow. I wasn't excited about snow until I went to my fathers yesterday and played with Caleb in it!

4) Christmas cookies! I can't wait to make a bunch for all of our family.

5) The color red. I never like this color but lately I want everything in red. Besides clothing, it just doesn't look good on me no matter how hard I try :(

6) Peppermint! I can't stop! All I want to eat and drink is peppermint!

 found here! with recipe!
7) Holiday quilts. If I wasn't such a slow crafter I wold make one of these.

8) Beautiful yarn from purlsoho.com

That list took me forever to  make! Now I'm going to shower, write a list and have the most productive day off ever! Hope everyones week goes wonderfully!



  1. Ooo one of my really good friends was just texting me about how much she loves the pepermint lattes or whatever from starbucks. I've never tried and really want to but I don't know the rules when it comes to having lattes and being almost 7 months pregnant. Which sucks because I really want some starbucks.

  2. They also have peppermint hot chocolate! I'm sure you could have that and it is super yummy also!