happy week!

Oh lovely day! The past 2 days Mike has gotten cut from work as soon as he got there, sad because less money but wonderful because we got to spend so much time being silly and taking pictures and cuddling. Tonight I have been hiding in the bat cave working on little diddys. I love crafting.


We took so many like these! I can't wait to play with them in photoshop and make a banner and a button. I keep meaning to do that and just never get around to it... like so many things :)

On a wonderful note I have made lists every day and crossed off about 85% of it! That is so much better than I normally do! Now I'm watching The Tonight with Conan, Adam Sandler is singing him a song trying to make him cry and I can't stop laughing.

Yay for happy!



  1. Ooh I love those neat photos! And your adorable face of course :)


  2. yay for manfriends getting cut early from work & getting to come home for creativeness & cuddling! I love it when that happens!.. and another yay for making lists and scratching things off of them! <3