I'm back!

I'm back! Went on a little hibernation there. Sorry about that! I had a wonderful long weekend filled with heart shaped cookies, many dates and lots of love. At the bakery we made tons of heart shaped treats for Valentines day!

brownie cupcakes!

cream cheese sugar cookies filled with wild berry jam!

cream cheese sugar cookies with buttercream
Sorry about the camera phone pictures. I refused to take my nice camera into the bakery due to all of the dust and yucky stuff!

Valentines Day this year was the first year that I really enjoyed it. In the morning I got up and made a pegboard thing for our kitchen (pictures to come later). Then I cleaned and crocheted until Mikey got out of work at 2pm. We spent the day shopping for new skate shoes for him . For some reason I could not pick out ANYTHING that I wanted. It was so weird! So instead of a present I requested dinner and a movie. We went out to Chili's, yes not the fanciest but I am totally in love with the tropical sunset margaritas and the veggie burgers there. Plus last minute on Valentine's Day you don't have much options haha. Everything was so yummy and we sat around talking about everything we want in life, what kind of house, how many kids, how we will raise them. It's so nice to be to the point in our relationship that we can talk about all of that without either of us getting freaked out. After dinner we went and saw the Wolfman! I loved it. I refuse to listen to anyone talk bad about it. I went in prepared to not compare it at all to the original. You can never remake a classic and have it be the same. It's just not possible in my mind. All in all we had a wonderful day. There was no ridiculous spending of money on little pink things that can't be used year round, which is why I hate that holiday normally.

The rest of the long weekend was spent curled up watching True Blood (I'm hooked I can't help it!) and being silly. We went out to eat with Devon one night and Emily came over another night to watch a movie. Lots of giggling and fun was had by all! I even had a bit of extra money so I bought some pretty dresses and a pencil skirt! I'm trying to slowly build up my nicer clothing collection so that when I get a job doing hair again I will actually have something to wear! There will be no scrambling about to find clothing to wear, which I have had to do before and it sucks.

Off to work on some projects and clean up a bit. I have an idea for a weekly post that I'm going to start doing. I'll be back later with that!

Casey Kirkland


  1. I can't believe we have to wait until JUNE for new True Blood. Cruel, cruel and heartless! Your cookies are 'dorblezzzzz <3

  2. Those cookies look freakin' LUSH! Oooh, yumyumyum.
    You love True Blood! Yaaay! Took me ages to get into it but I am so hooked on it now, adore the books and am totally adoring Eric... again, yumyumyum

  3. Beautiful cake decorating and your Valentine's Day seems so lovely!

  4. that sounds like such a nice valentines day! isn't it so amazing to be able to have those conversations when you're both on the same page? it's such a great feeling.

  5. Oh wow those sweets look so great.