Everything got finalized today so I am super excited. Mike and I will be riding down to Florida with his mom on March 25th and then flying back six days later on the 31st! I AM SO EXCITED. I haven't been on a vacation like this since I was probably 15... and I'm 23 now (I refuse to do the math of how long because it will sadden me). This is so amazing. I am so thankful for Mike and his mother for making this happen. There was a little accident with my taxes this year and I ended up having to pay money when I thought that I was getting a solid amount back. Luckly Mike is the sweetest boy ever and is not only paying for fun things while we are there but has offered to help me with bills if I can't get my vacation pay a few months early. Plus! Yes it does get better! His mom is paying for the tickets to fly us back! This was all a total surprise to me the other day, I had no clue they were even talking about it. I'll never be able to think of a way to repay them, this vacation is coming right when I need it. Right when I am so close to breaking down, quitting my job and becoming a hermit.

We are going to be staying in Cocoa Beach with Mike's grandmother. I googled some images of it and well... I am so excited!
Look at that skate park!

ahhh excitement!!! I need to go get a bathing suit and film! Ek!

Casey Kirkland


  1. Oh man - there are few things I wouldn't do to be at a beach right now! It's been so cold - it actually snowed today.. In AUSTIN TX!
    Im way jealous and also happy to hear that you are beach bound! Take lots of pictures!

  2. so exciting! I LOVED florida when M & I went there a few months back. it's beautiful!

  3. come visit jerkcake! we can hang out with my scumbag friends!

  4. I am so excited! A million pictures will be had for sure!

  5. I am driving to FL on March 27th lol..I am from Florida originally and just going back to visit..you will love it. It is a good time of year to go...not too too hot yet!
    My best friend got married on Cocoa Beach-its is beatiful