happy days

vacation day 4
Vacation is:
-holding hands
-not blow drying my hair
-turning my computer and ipod off for days at a time
-yummy food
-knowing life will return to normal
-getting to know the person i love even better than before
-warm breezes on sandy beaches
-the history channel while falling asleep
-love and family

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. This blog will return to it's normal schedule will return this weekend when I am back. For now if you would like to see some pictures check my flickr page.

casey kirkland

p.s. I am thinking about having someone do a blog makeover for me after I get back, does anyone have a friend or someone that they would recommend?  


  1. now that sounds like a vacation to me!! Sounds amazing and looks like you too are having the most fun!! Keep it up!! :D

  2. Warm sun and the beach! Lucky girl. Enjoy it :)

  3. How fun, enjoy every single moment.

    What about freckled nest for the makeover?

  4. Perfect vacation description. I need one desperately.

    Love your photos by the way xo