off to florida i go!

Ah! So in less than 24 hours we will be on the road heading to Florida! I can't wait. Thankfully one of our friends are going to be here so the kittens won't be sad without us. And little Sadie May is going to stay with her Grandpa. Awes. Everything is almost set, bed at 730pm, work at 330am, leave for Florida at 10am! Ah!

Too bad an owl won't deliver my mail. 
(images via weheartit)

So lately I have been way into the idea of having a pen pal(s). I have never had one! If anyone would like a snail mail treat while I am on vacation just email me your address! My email is jerkcake@gmail.com.

Have a great week everyone! Get ready for lots of traveling and vacation pictures! Check out my twitter for updates of the fun.

Casey K


  1. yay! bed 7.30 up 3.30? ur a madmen!

    I'd love to be a penpal but maybe i'm abit far away the other side of the pond? up to you!
    postage always surprises me.

    have a great hol! love pic no1 :)

  2. hey doll, just stumbled across your blog. I really like it! say hello to your new follower.


  3. Just saying hello! Have fun on your trip!

  4. FUN!! Lucky!

    And I would love to be your pen pal :D FUN! I'll email you

  5. yay for Florida (that's my home state!) we've got some perfect weather going on too!! hope you have an awesome vacation!

    i actually just did a post about pen pals and started a sort of "pen pal project" you should check it out on my blog!