week of 3/1/10 JUMPSTART

Ah can you believe its March already?! Only 24 days untill I am off to Florida!

As for the surprise I was so excited about yesterday... it didn't happen. We were supposed to come home with one of these:
BUT when we got there at first everything was fun and he was sooo cute and loved us.. then about five minutes later he got super mean and started attacking me! Snapping at me and bitting me! It was horrible. No animal has ever hated me before. We tried everything to see if it really was me. I even feed him chicken and it still was a no go. Least to say I left in tears. It took Mike the rest of the night to calm me down. We are gonna continue our search for now. Hopefully a little love will be in our near future.. one that doesn't hate my guts for no reason. 
Off to more positive things!

I got my first dress pattern this weekend and some pretty floral fabric. Can't wait to get started! After the one I got at Joann I think this one will be next

The next afghan I'm going to make after the one I am working on right now is going to be similar to this one
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This week I'm going to take this awesome DIY that Elsie did and use it on my handy little sketch book!

Ummm.. can someone say adorable?
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Last night this movie warmmmmed my heart when I was all sad.

Off to bed for me! Have a good week everyone! This week I am gonna catch up on all of the little projects I have been finishing and working on.
Night night,


  1. i love love love UP it is amazing and so funny!

  2. I can't wait to see your afghan! sorry about the pup, when it's the right one for you it will be PERFECT!

  3. Whoa what kind of pup is that?

  4. Dorian- It's a chihuahua! So super cuteee.