week of 3/15/10 JUMPSTART

1) I really want to learn how to make my own books. This sketch book is so awesome.

2) There is something I have to confess. My super weird love of Lady Gaga. I know I know it's super trendy right now but I can't help it. 
via weheartit

3) The lovely Maria posted this video the other day. It's so inspiring you all  must watch it.

4) I really want to try out water colors. One of my friends recommend me trying these. Anyone try it?

5) These amazing Alice pictures. So dreamy.

6) Sadie needs one of these. She would looooveee it!

7) This wedding is amazing, the girls mother made her dress and her cake! How amazing does this look?

8) If only I had a bunch of money to buy new dresses for our little trip (less than 2 weeks away!) this is what I would buy:
all at modcloth.com

Exciting things happening this month! Can't wait for my vacation, my first one since I was probably 15 or so. Plus I got some awesome treats for my first ever giveaway tomorrow! Expect that around early evening. Have a wonderful night everyone!



  1. Oh my stars!! Dr. Martins dyes are THE BEST!! I "borrowed" a set from my high school back in the day...no, I didn't ever give them back...it may or may not have been my intention from the beginning to keep them, I'm not telling. ;) They are a little on the expensive side, but there is no substitute...and they are much much much more fun than water colors, plus a simple set will last you years! Trust me on this one. Haha! I love those dresses! I can't wait to go shopping...or for my wallet to start filling up with those green pieces of paper! ;)

  2. Thanks for linking to my blog! I LOVE Gaga too, she's a genius.

  3. I'm on the Gaga bandwagon too; I can't get enough of her antics. That video was really inspiring. Woohoo for your first giveaway!

  4. love your blog! it always jumps out at me :)

    SNAP on the book binding! will have to look up some tutorials and try some things :)

    oh dear lady gaga got me too, i really liked her at the brits and she seemed so genuine in her speech.

    i cant find a good photo of her outfit but it was amazing, the white regal headress!

    have a great hol! :)

  5. my friend amanda binds books! if you end up moving here i'm sure she could teach you :)

  6. mmm, i love this post. that handmade journal is beautiful! and YES for lady gaga. i mean, dance parties have to be fun, right?