week of 3/22/10 JUMPSTART

Hi internet pals! Today was a roller coaster. For Christmas Mikey got me an Ipod touch, which I used every day all day for everything. So earlier today I had been cleaning and went to go used it after a few hours and guess what... IT DIDNT WORK. None of the buttons would let me touch them, the screen wouldn't respond and it wouldn't connect to the internet. Of course I am very calm and mature and didn't freak out... not. We ran straight to the apple store and after an hour of standing there they gave me a new one! And I swear this one is better quality. We got ours at best buy and they were okay but this one feels much sturdier and the writing on the back is gold and not white. Even a few of the settings seem different to me. Needless to say I am excited, but all of my apps and pictures are gone which is a super bum out. Are there any apps that you guys like that I should download? Now onwards! Here is my little list of things that are getting me inspired this week:

1) Another reason to love NPR, they are streaming the new She & Him album until it comes out!
 Listen to it here!

2) Flowers, I am so jealous of everyone who has a yard.
via wehearit

3) I have a solution to my no yard problem! I am going to make tons of paper and fabric flowers and hang them from the ceiling all around our apartment until Mike starts to get mad haha. Check out this one fabric flower DIY I found over at Once Wed

4) Our apartment is also very dark all of the time. And I'm sick of it in here. So we are going to rearrange the living room and paint it a semi glossy white. Right now it's a matte off white tan color that makes it so drab in here. Then all of the crazy colors we have in here will POP. I'm excited. 
both via weheartit

5) I found this amazing holga set on flickr today. So dreamy.

6) I am currently in the process of putting a little tiny bit of green in my hair. I had it last year yet somehow didn't take any pictures of it. Oh well. I love different colored hair, if only I could pull it off the way Kayhlah from The Dainty Squid does!
7) Another amazing set on Flickr. So creepy. Love it.

8) The beach? 2 days until we leave? Need I say more?

Have a lovely week everyone! P.S. today is the last day to enter the giveaway!

Casey K


  1. I listened to the NPR stream of she & him @ work today!
    I use the shakeit ap all the time. it turns your iphone pics into vintagey and polaroidy pics!

  2. love reading your posts little lady x