works in progress!

I think a fun thing to do from now on is to show what projects I am working on once a week. This way I can look back and see how I have progressed. Perhaps on Wednesday.. I think so!

Here's my main project I have been getting started. It was started as a sketch before I got sick but today I got it onto the final paper and started painting! Also a fun way to see my setup when I paint. Basically I take over the living room haha.


There a few other small things I am just starting to figure out, like a heart blanket! Next week I should have a solid start on that and maybe a finished painting (better be done by then!). I am terrible at finishing things so this should be just the thing to spur me on and hold me to finishing!

I shall leave with a parting aweee picture of Durden sleeping on Mike's dirty clothing while I painted. He is the best.

a sleepy baby



  1. great idea! can't wait to see what craftiness (hehe) you're up to! :) x

  2. I'm a huge fan of in-progress photographs! Your cat is almost identical to mine in coloring. How cute!

  3. You were right -
    I started going "awww" even before reading about the picture. xD

  4. i am so the same way. i tend to get lost in the planning and research phase and take way too long to actually DO it. maybe we can build a positive support group that not only encourages us, but also holds us accountable for finishing all those projects. lets round up some indie girls. :)

  5. jessieb- we totally should! that could be wayy to fun

  6. it looks amazing! i'm excited to see how it will turn out. and painting in the living room... you are a better person than i. haha, nice!

  7. Your kitty is soooo cute ♥

    (ps. Found you via Club Indie. See you in class!)

  8. I can't wait to see the painting finished! I like what I see so far!

  9. cute kitty! i have one too :] love your blog, found you on club indie ♥