A few things

A few things you may not know about me:

- In real life I have a huge potty mouth.
- When I get really really excited I jump up and down and squeel like a little girl.
- All of my cats respond and come to their names. I am told this is odd.
- I have the name of my rabbit Jellybones that one of my old roommates stole and killed ( long sad story, I'll spare you) tattooed on my toes.
- One of my biggest pet peeves is the sound of fingernails scratching dry skin.
- I can't sit still for longer than 45 minutes unless I have something to do with my hands.
- When I am thinking really hard I touch my pointer finger of my right hand to my chin.

I'll be back tomorrow with awesome news about a new job!!! And a proper post. For now I shall recover from my 12 hour work day.



  1. my cats know and respond to their names too. and M hates watching movies with me because I either HAVE to be working on something while I'm watching it, or I just start to fall asleep.

  2. My cat usually comes when you call her name too. Our dog? Not so good at this.

    And when I'm nervous I touch my nose.

    I love thoughtful quirky posts like this :)

  3. lovely dress. I love easter dresses. So colorful and fun. This post made me so hungry. cute blog you have here. :)