formspring friday

This past week I have gotten a few questions in my formspring. Thought I would share them with you! Also thank you to people for the kind comments. I love you all. You have no clue how much it makes my day to read them. These are a lot of fun to answer. It's things I never thought about haha. If you would like to ask a random question of me my formspring is here!

Q: what would you say, is your best quality?

A: My best? This one is hard. I would say how honest I am. Many people would disagree, it can be taken as rude and awkward. I am also super loyal, I'll defend my friends too the death if they are honest and good people!

Q: I think you're so inspirational! Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

A: Awe thank you so much! I'd say my biggest inspirations are just our everyday things. Movies, music and art. Plus lately I've been looking at a lot of interior design that has been getting me so excited! I do a lot of my creative thinking while cooking or baking.

Q: I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog! When did you decide to become a baker? xx

A: I am also glad you stumbled across my blog! There was no real decision to become a baker. Ever since I was knee high to a grasshoper I have wanted/needed to bake. One day a friend needed someone to work at his bakery and here I am! I'm about to venture on and add Chef to my title also.

Q: Have you seen the This American Life television show? Don't know if you have Netflix, but both seasons are available to stream. I'm a huge fan of the podcast, too! by adaiha

A: I haven't seen it but I am thinking about getting netflix just to watch it! (update- I got netflix and watched. So awesome thank you for telling me about it!)

Q: What were you like in high school? Like, did you go to prom and what not? by CourtneyBruesch

A: Oh man I was so weird in high school. An art kid of course. I skipped almost every class but english and art. And yes I went to prom, I wore a black dress with white polka dots and elbow length red gloves. I still have the dress!

Q: Why are you so awesome? by CourtneyBruesch

A: I asked my Mom this and she says it's in our genes :) Thank you <3


  1. Yup- it's true. You really ARE awesome!
    Great answers!

  2. Going off of the This American Life podcast comment... you should listen to WNYC's Radio Lab shows. They're freaking awesome. Since awesome is in your genes... you'll like it.

  3. I love reading the answers to these, I would have one on my blog, but I don't think that I am very interesting! LOL! I think that honesty is the best quality that anyone could have!

  4. that is great! fun to read :)
    i think that honesty is a great quality...even if some people mistake it for rude like you said. it is better to be honest to people!

  5. those are awesome questions! :) and awesome answers!