week of 4/5/10 jumpstart!

Yay it's spring! Ah doesn't it just make you feel so inspired? Here are a few things this week that are inspiring me.

I wish we had trees like this in Syracuse.. Ah so pretty.
via weheartit
Um... why don't I own these?

These cards from The Regional Assemly of Text are so cute. 
So a few months ago I bought a sampler of Mod Podge but haven't used it yet due to not knowing how. I found this blog the other day and now I think I am ready to tackle the stuff!

This is the school I'm looking at going to. Their art program is one of the best ones at a community college. So excited! Just gotta figure out stuff with grants. They even have this cool program called Arts Across Campus

And last but never least. My love for Alexander Henry fabrics will never end. Check this cute one out!

Have a good evening everyone!


  1. Ummm...this is one of the cutest posts that I have seen in a long time. I don't mean that in a bad way! I just like EVERYTHING in this post!

  2. Those teacupcake molds are indeed adorable, and they got me thinking. If you can bake cakes and pies in a jar, why couldn't you bake cupcakes in actual teacups? Ooh, here is a link to some that look like they were baked in cups:


  3. Courtney- Thank you!

    Adaiha- Um those are amazing. How pretty pretty!