Lately I have been very flustered. With the job change, things at home aren't so great and just never being able to find time to get anything done. So I'm going to change things. Tomorrow I am leaving for my Mom's house until sometime Monday. It's going to be so refreshing to not have any contact to the world. My cell barely works there and she has no internet. My time will be spent hanging with her, helping her work on the house and doing mass amounts of laundry. When I get back things will start changing here is my little list of what to do:
  • Go through my stuff and throw/give away anything I don't use
  • Color  my hair (already done as you can see above.)
  • Do a week long detox. (I'm thinking the master cleanse)
  • Get back into my going to the gym/eating right routine
  • Put all of my ideas for the tapas bar into one binder so I stop getting confused
I'm so excited for change. I handed in my two weeks yesterday at the bakery. It's so surreal to think that in less than two weeks now I will no longer be working there. Can't decided if I am nervous/scared/excited. A little of each I think.

Well I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. If you need to get a hold of me just send me a DM on my twitter. Those go straight to my phone. Otherwise I won't be able to check anything until Monday!


p.s. that's what I look like without makeup. Not much different haha.


  1. You look so pretty! With the light hair it makes you look like a young one. So cute.

  2. I hope you have a relaxing weekend!! Your new hair looks fabulous - I wish I looked like you without makeup!

  3. Your so cute! I love makeup but if I looked like you I would NEVER wear it!
    Also- you look soo young without your glasses!
    Your so pretty though- seriously.

  4. hope you have a great weekend with your mom! i hear you on the change...i feel the need for change coming on. i started last night by cutting my own bangs into my hair...i haven't decided yet if i like them or not...

  5. you're so cute :)

    i hope you enjoyed your weekend and you feel refreshed!!!

  6. cute picture! I hope you had a wonderful refreshing weekend!


  7. Awe, cute ^_^ I hope your weekend was full of goodness and you got the refreshatizing you needed!