this wine is so good

Today has been awesome! I woke up and got a whole ton done involving the new job. Lots of looking up our awesome house wine and pairing it with our menu, and just basically learning about it. Then I went down to the tapas bar for a meeting with my new boss about the menu and it went so well. Tons of exciting new foods and yummies. I can't wait to start! Now I'm sitting here working on more menu stuff and sipping a glass of the wine we will be serving. Life is so good right at this moment.


Oh and I'm waiting for my lemon cupcakes to cool so that I can fill them with blueberry goodness and frost them! Ah!


Sadie is hanging out in her new favorite place. (this picture isn't so great because my lens is broken! oh no!)


And later I'm going to work on my current crafting obsession. A super annoyingly bright colored afghan. It's going to clash so well with everything!

Have a wonderful day everyone.
Captain Kirk


  1. lol @ super annoyingly bright colored afghan! everyone has to have at least one :)

  2. all i saw was the TITLE of this post and i am off to get myself a glass of wine :)
    and the "not so great" photo is rad looking!

  3. lemon + blueberry = my favorite pair!

  4. Oh! Pretty please show us the cupcakes when they are completed.

  5. Wine is awesome, I'm enjoying some right now!

    The super annoyingly bright afghan looks like it's gonna be awesome too!


  6. Why aren't we neighbors? I would smell all of the delicious smells coming from your house and conveniently drop by for something or another. ;)
    I wanna see that clashy afghan when its done!
    Love Love.

  7. Hello! Stopping by from My Girl Thursday, and now I'm going to go to bed and dream about your afghan....want!!

    Great spot, I'll be back!

  8. What amazing looking cupcakes, I to need to see how they looked when done (and maybe even a recipe!). Gorgeous dog you have too!

  9. The colors in that afghan are going to be so awesome. Please post pictures when it is done!

  10. glad your new job looks so great! I wish I could crochet, i want to make an afghan so bad!