start of the christmas season!

Today I put up my very first Christmas tree! It's only 3ft tall and its fake but I love it so much. Right now I'm working on making a "Merry Xmas!" garland out of crochet and felt pieces. Then I need to find some tutorials for handmade tree decorations. It's so exciting growing up and getting to do all of this stuff. Last year I lived on my own but it was a hard year for money. I didn't have a couch or a TV or a kitchen table. When people came over I tried telling them I didn't believe in any of that. No one believed me! Now my apartment is so full of stuff its hard for Mikey and I to walk around. I love the clutter that we have made.

Thanksgiving was super fun. We went to 2 of Mike's aunts houses. The first was kind of awkward but his dad was there and he looked at my car for me. It seems I am in bad need of new brakes. Boo! At the 2nd aunts house we had so much fun. Sitting around looking at old family photos for hours, eating yummy food and watching silly shows was the best.

We were supposed to then drive up to my Mom's house but with my brakes being stupid we just stayed down here. My mom lives three hours north in Warrensburg, NY so it would have been a tough drive.

Today Mike and I went shopping for Black Friday. Mainly Mike just got some super cheap movies. But we also got some cool yarn. It's white with silver in it (red heart's holiday collection).

Well off to work on more Christmas decorations!


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