garland/school maybe?

I can never seem to decide on what I want to be when I "grow up". One minute I want to be a baker, the next I want to be a teacher. Every now and then I have a week or so where I want to be a veterinarian. This past week I have been considering what I could do that would make me happy. So far I have been a baker, a hair stylist and I have worked in retail.
Since I was a child I have wanted to be a teacher and and artist. Art teachers seem to becoming less popular so I may start taking some classes to become an english teacher. Who knows I'll pick something some day maybe!

I finally finished my crocheted Christmas garland!


I made little crochet rectangles out of recycled yarn and then cut out felt letters and hand sewed them on with gold thread. I'm so excited! My little tree needs a skirt. But I want to make it.

Today is for finishing up a bunch of projects, picking up my office and making cookies!!!

P.S. this is the apple pie I made for Thanksgiving!

Yummy yay!
Maybe a list later of things I want for my Christmas slash Birthday?

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