holiday wishlist!

I love December! It's filled with so much joy and excitement, there are pretty lights every where and it just happens to be the month of my BIRTHDAY! Not only is it the one week of the year that I get presents but I also have two sets of parents. This leads to insane wishlists from me!

From my Dad/Step Mom I asked for him to make me a bookcase headboard.

Like this one!
My dad makes the most beautiful furniture. That's all i asked for from them, my Step Mom is a total spaz (in a good way) and goes rogue on Christmas and birthday lists. You can only count on her to find one thing you asked for, the rest is all weird things like matching socks for the whole family, a turtle statue, a garden gnome or one of those beaded hanging things hippies put in doorways with the dolphin jumping over a rainbow. And yes those are all things I have gotten from her. It's amazing. I have learned to just let her go and giggle at the look on my Dad's face as I open it (he normally has no clue what she got me till I open it.)

For my Mom I made this gnarly master list that I am very excited about!

A few different cameras from Lomography!

A printer/scanner/copier that's wireless!

I am totally in love with these boots from Sugar.

An Ipod touch. Which I know I won't be getting because I am terrible at losing Ipods.

and finally the list in the list!

This is my favorite list! I am so excited to see what I get! This is the first year in a long time that I haven't asked for snow tires or something not fun like that. Plus I gave my mom way way way too many things so I really have no clue what I am going to get! yay!

What are you guys asking for this year?


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