i love pjs

I love Sundays! Everything I have done today has been in my pjs. It makes me feel like even though I have been super productive I am still being lazy on my day off.
Tonight Mikey and I are going to make hot coco from an amazing recipe in one of my favorite baking books!

It's called "Baked: New Frontiers in Baking" by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito. The most amazing brownies and pie crust are in this book. Tonight we will try the "Adult Hot Chocolate" which has amaretto liqueur in it. Not to sure if we are going to do the liqueur part though. I'm going to top it with some "Simple Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream". Add some Christmas movies and that equals a wonderful Sunday night!

Now that I got some book crazy out of my system. Today has been filled with finishing presents! Here are some pictures of one of them.

This is the little kitty bag that I made for my stepmom! I know it looks weird and not even but I promise when it has a few things inside it looks just fine!

For some reason now I feel super worn out. Like my batter is on low. Thankfully I have tomorrow off also! Then four days of work and Saturday is my birthday!!! My Mom is coming down and it will be 2 full days of fun, love, food, presents and Christmas spirit!

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. You are super cute. I'm not a creep-o, I just think you're adorable. And so is your little fancy cat bag, what a perfect gift!

  2. You're far from a creep-o! Thank you I hope my stepmom loves it. It does seems that you and i have the same love of kitties!