week of 12/14/09 jumpstart!

I have decided that I am going to start doing this every Monday. Usually Mondays are the second day of my weekend and Sunday  has been my relax and do very little day. Every week I will post a list of 8 things that either inspire me or that I really enjoy. This will be an effort to get me moving and excited for the upcoming week! So here we go!
1) Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Two of my favorite things combined!

2) These are sold out and that makes me super sad!

3) I really need to start reading more instead of watching TV shows obsessively!

4) This girls wedding was so beautiful. I hope to some day have one as amazing and full of love as she did!

5) This week is my birthday and it is going to be filled with love and family. I have the best family!

6) Thinking about my family makes me miss living in the woods. It was so quiet and peaceful. I miss it more than I ever thought I would as a child.

8) I'm borrowing an idea from Elsie and I'm going to make a 23 things to do before I'm 24 list! Here is a picture of her's so you get the idea.

Have a happy week! I'm off to work on presents!


  1. Hey I'm really liking that list of things to do before your next birthday. I think I will also attempt one of these. I say attempt because I'm usually really lazy. ha.

  2. I am working on mine right now! I have it all written down now I'm just making it pretty. My life would stop dead in its tracks without millions of lists haha.