kitty ipod touch case

Euuuff! This past week has been insane. I have so much to write about and so many pictures to edit and post. Today was the first day that didn't involved tons of running around like a crazy person!
First off here is a cute little kitty case I made for my Ipod Touch that I got for Christmas. I used a DIY from here and make it into a kitty!

(the shadow makes it look super crooked, it's not I am just too tired to take another picture)
I am so excited! The holidays were INSANE! There was barely time to breathe. These next few weeks are going to be exciting because I finally get to work on all of the around the house projects and everything for Mikey and I that has been piling up in our "To Sew" box. I can't wait to get started with everything that I have been thinking about doing and never got around to doing. This morning our apartment was a disaster area. Which mainly can be blamed on my running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything done at the last minute. Luckily everything got done, presents were given out and loved and this morning I got to finally clean. It drives me batty when things are not at least semi tidy.
Over the next week I'll post tons of pictures and fun stuff from the past two weeks. For now I will leave you with some love from the make shift office I have right now.

hugs and kisses,

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