the bat cave before!

I finally started working on my new office today! Once its done it will be called the Bat Cave due to the weird windowlessness of it. This is actually the room of the house that finalized me taking this apartment. It's off the living room, almost like a large walk in closet. Even the ceilings are higher than the rest of the apartment. I love it.

So here is a before picture:

bat cave before

It was filled with boxes of comics, art supplies and just random stuff I have been to lazy to sort through and throw away. So much got done in it today!!! I'm not going to take pictures until all of my stuff is moved in. But it does involved chalkboard paint and pretty lights!

Oh and I finally took a picture of the headboard that my father made me for my birthday!


I love it so much! Mikey and I are having trouble finding things to fill it. I'm sure in time it will be bursting with fun and lovely things. Oh and yes our bedroom is always that gold, it's the best!

Time to watch Aliens and snuggle! Tomorrow is going to be filled with millions of loads of laundry, learning to crochet granny squares and more batcave work!!!



  1. the bat cave is awesome! it's a great space for an office. i can't wait to see the finished product. i love how the cat is in there too, haha :)

    I really like your headboard too. I'm going to try an make my own fabric covered headboard soon *scary* but I want one just like Betty Draper's from Mad Men!!

    p.s. I spy domo!!

  2. I'm also excited to see your bat cave once it's complete. I love before and afters.

  3. Thank you girls! I am very excited also!

    and Melanye K. Good luck with the headboard! There is a tutorial on fabric headboards on threadbanger!