happy new year!


Yay 2010! 2009 started off as one of the hardest years I've ever had. Then around August everything turned around for me. This year I am promising myself that I will not let anything that happens ever bring me down the way I did last January. I guess that's my new years resolution!

Normally New Years Eve is one of my least favorite days of the year. It's so hyped up  and everyone gets all dressed up and goes drinking and then the ball drops and... well that's it. Then you wake up with a hangover. This year proved me very wrong. Mikey and I went out to dinner with his Mom and had tons of fun. Then Mikey forced me to go to our friends house for a party. I really hate parties. Drinking isn't very fun to me anymore and being around a bunch of people I don't know all to well makes me feel very uncomfortable. At this party things were different. Some girls that normally barely talk to me included me in a game and I had so much fun. Everyone was giggling and being silly. Mikey and I dressed in the same outfits even! We wore black jeans, black t-shirts, red flannel button ups and gray slouchy hats. This was his idea even! Super funny, even more so because we walked in to the house and our friend Luke was wearing almost the exact same thing!  But anyways, I got to kiss Mikey at midnight, cake was thrown, yummy drinks called "wedding cake martins" were drank, and Luke and I got to awkwardly hold hands for awhile. I hope every New Years Eve turns out this way!

After we got home this morning Mikey and I went to one of our favorite diners called Mama Nancy's for some yummy food. The rest of the day was fairly calm and productive. We cuddled and took a nap, I cleaned a bunch and I almost finished a project! This next week I am going to be finishing a ton of things that I started but never finished. And I will actually take pictures of them when I am done!

I can't wait to get things finished! Off to bed for now!



  1. haha yes! I love Julia Childs!

  2. That's awesome that you had a good time. I'm still waiting on my one awesome new years eve party to change my mind about it.

  3. It sounds like you had fun! I really really REALLY want a wedding cake martini now ;) Happy New Year!