emmy trading card

I scanned a picture of my best friend as a child! It is the best thing ever!

i love emmy
The batcave is coming along swimmingly. Here is a sneak peak!

(yes Durden is in every picure. He follows me around all day.)

The company dinner was kind of boring. There was only a little food and we all just sat around chatting. Still a pleasant enough night. We got Mikey drunk and giggled at him, he is super cute when he is drunk. I love him more than anything. Other than that today I worked really hard on my office! After this I'm going to work on a chalkboard I painted yesterday. Then movies and snuggles with Mikey. Always the prefect ending to a day :)



  1. Hahaha, that trading card is AWESOME!

    And you are so stinken cute. You look genuinely happy. :)