Happy Busy Week!

Ah the past two days have been so busy! Well yesterday was, Mikey and I were go-go-go from waking up to going to bed! I love days like that sometimes. I even forgot what day it was and didn't do my jumpstart!
Here are a few things that I have been busy with!
1/5/2010 dinner
I made Mikey and I a yummy dinner. It was baked Italian tofu with homemade sauce on bowties and steamed broccoli then fried in the marinate I used for the tofu. So good!!!
Then I learned how to do granny squares!!! Ek I am so excited to make 8 million of them!
Now I'm all comfy in this outfit ready to crawl into bed and snuggle the kittens. I am going to do my jumpstart tomorrow. I have it all picked out just haven't found the time. The bakery is starting to slow down now so hopefully I'll be able to get stuff done at work also. Opps! I wish I could be a housewife. Sighh.

Night Night!,


  1. You are terribly adorable, and your little jams are too. Aw, marriage me! :)

  2. they food looks super yummy and congrats on the granny squares!!

    love the jammies ;)

  3. Thanks! Internet marriage?! Lets do this! haha!