Lately I have been so chipper. Even when things are hard or not what I want them to be all of the little things that go right seem to keep me very happy. Today Mike and I were arguing but then I went to the yarn store and the book store by myself, while blasting my favorite music in between. By the time I got home I was practically skipping it had gotten me so chipper!
This weekend Mikey's friend Nate from Ohio is coming to Syracuse for about two weeks. Tomorrow night I am going to make a big crockpot of stew and corn bread and we are gonna have a party! It'll be a fun week!

Here's some stuff I made last week. All out of wool yarn that is older than me. Mommy dearest surprised me with a big box of yarn, knitting needles and old patterns from when she was my age! I'm so excited to dive into it all!


Have a good weekend!


  1. i love that first picture! you look so cute...cute creations too :D

  2. You're very pretty! And I really like the ivory and gray matching winter accessories you created.

  3. love the stuff you made!you look adorable! xxx