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First off this weekend was crazy. Saturday night we had a dinner party for Mike's friend Nate who is in town from Ohio. Because of this I think my boyfriend has gone gay for a bit. He is so excited it is adorable. Nate moved without any warning because of some personal problems so no one here has seen him in over half a year!  Mike was gone last night to party again and stay at Little Devon's house out in Oswego. I am horrible at being without him. We do everything together. It's very sad haha. But I was fine! I made mustache a hat! (pictures below) Then Emmy and I watched The Last Action Hero and Volcano on VHS and made homemade hot coco. All was well in the end. Plus I just woke up to a text from Mike that he sent drunk in the middle of the night. It read "Fuck you bitch im gay now." Hahaha I can't wait to make fun of him for that like crazy today.

Today I am going to finish up some stuff at home then go for a walk and finish up this roll of film in my Diana so I can get it developed today and share some sillyness from Saturday night! Then I'm going to pick up Mikey from Devon's and make fun of him the whole way home. I can't wait!

This week is going to be another crazy one. Nate is going to be staying with us at the end of it, Imbroglio is playing with Disembodied on Thursday and I'm sure we won't be able to get rid of the boys throughout the week.

Mustache hat pictures! It was so hard to get this picture because he HATED it so so so much!

Here it is off his little fuzzy head.

It's so cute! I'm going to make Mikey and I big ones without the ear holes and force him to wear it! I will wear mine everywhere!


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