Nightmare land

via weheartit

I just had this crazy dream that has totally freaked me out! My friend stole my car and as I was walking back to where mike was a bunch of my teeth on the top left side of my mouth fell out! Then when I got to mike he pretended to not know who I was and little devon had to yell at him which made little Devon irritated with me. Ek! There were a bunch of other weird things also. We were in my home town but it was minature, mike was in a diner that is actually an ice cream shop, my car was a jeep. Oh man so weird!

Anyone else have some weird ones lately?



  1. I had a dream chucky was after me. Like I was driving to get some frozen yogurt and he popped out from underneath the car and liked grabbed my legs...its was really weird lol.


  2. Dude Chucky scares the crap out of me. He gave me so many nightmares as a child!