week of 1/18/2010 JUMPSTART !

Yeah I'm excited for this week! Hopefully I will get back on track with all of my goals this week. I hope everyone else does too!

1) I want this for my kitchen. We have zero storage and even less counter space.

2) This week I am going to start piano lessons with my love Emily teaching me! I am so excited. Got my self a little book and everything! Piano is one of the things that I've always wanted to learn, it's so classy and pretty! Then I want this to be my home...

3) I am going to do this! This week with Emmy. We are very excited!

4) This past weekend I saw some amazing graffiti. Some time in the next few days I have to go back and take pictures of it. It never comes out as awesome in the night time with a flash.

taken by me
5) Watching the bass player of Disembodied last night was so awesome. It's one of the few girls in hardcore. So respectable. I wish I could be that talented and brave!

6) VHS tapes. Mike and I collect them. I need more. The old scratch feel of them is so much better than HD could ever even try to be!

7) These headphones. I ordered them last week and they should be here tomorrow. I cant wait! The earbuds that come with iPods hurt my ears really badly.

8) Michael C Hall. Creepiest and most amazing. I can't even explain my love.

Have a good week everyone!


  1. In my old house we didn't have any storage either. we put up a peg board for our pots and pans and it was so cute, cheap, and functional!


    so jealous you're learning how to play piano! i want to learn so bad and guitar too :D

  2. Thank you for that link! I think I might do that over the stove. It looks super easy to do. My first piano lesson is tomorrow I'm so excited!