week of 1/25/10

It's that time of the week! My jumpstart. Time for me to get motivated and get stuff done this week! After doing this today I think I have to admit it. I like the color pink. My whole life I have hated it.... what is wrong with me!?

1) Pretty embroidery on pretty fabric!

via weheartit
2) To do lists. I make one a day at least! Its an addiction.

3) Bicycles. Oh how I can not wait for spring so I can ride my bike EVERYWHERE! I think I want a pretty pink one.

4) The band She & Him. I love listening to this while I work.Plus she is an amazing actress!

5) The show Modern Family. This is the best thing to watch while crafting. So funny!

6) Working out. This is on my huge todo list for this week, I am so excited! And yes this is what I plan on wearing. Why not work out in heals?


7) Moving! I want to this spring so badly!

8) Quija boards. For some reason I can't seem to find anyone who will play with one with me! Babies!

Have a good week!

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  1. I love all of these- especially the bike part. I can't wait to ride mine once it's warmer. I've never seen "Modern Family" though, so I will check it out! Thanks for the heads up! xo