last weeks rundown

What a weird week. The majority of it I felt horrible. Almost like I was coming down with the flu. That's generally how I feel when I am so overtired from work my body can't stand it anymore.

But that's ok I still had fun!

Mikey and I went to lunch one day when it was sooo sunny out. But freezing cold! I hate that, it's like nature is trying to play a trick on you. 
I made cookies for Emily's 27th birthday! They are chunky peanut butter cookies with dark chocolate chips and a milk chocolate glaze. So bad for you but so worth it! 
This week I am going to try to find some recipes for muffins that aren't bad for you. I'm thinking whole wheat blueberry or something. Anyone know any good ones? I need to satisfy my love of sweets without giving Mikey and I diabetes at the same time. 

This is the first year I am excited for Valentines day. I have two cute homemade gifts lined up for Mikey that I am going to make this week, along with some yummy cookies that he loves. It's hard having a picky boyfriend when you are a baker. 

Time to get a million errands done! I'll be back later with a jumpstart to get me going.


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