painting process/ my weekend

Ah Mondayyyy. Weird how excited I am that it's Monday today! It's probably because today is my only day off and yesterday was a horrible day. For some reason I got ignored all day long. No one was doing it on purpose but it just happened to work out that way and it was my only night off and I was exhausted so I went into super brat mode for a bit. If I admit it that makes it ok right?!

Today will be better. Lately my mind has been in 8 million places at once. I want to create but I didn't know what medium to do it in. Crochet is super fun but doesn't allow me to tell a story or express myself the way I need to. Photography requires me to buy a lot of equipment and go outside in the New York winter. No thank you! So in reading my current book (The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp) she was talking about your "creative DNA" and how if you stray from it what you create just won't be right. She had this little questionnaire that I then filled out and then thought about it for a few days. What it comes down to is my first creative impulses were drawing and painting. I love it. It just made sense to me. Then what happened was in high school all of my friend and everyone that I thought was cool started doing photography. When your a weird art kid in high school that all of the cool kids have made fun of for years and then you see an opportunity to fit in with a group sometimes you jump on it. I'll admit it, I've given into peer pressure and such in my life. Really I know we all have at least once. Anyways... Now I have tried all of these fun creative things, sewing, crochet, knitting, printing, photography, graphic design even a short musical attempt (I am super tone def) much of which I can use in the future. You better believe I will never stop doing crochet or sewing.

Now I just have to pick myself up and start over again with painting. It won't be hard I have everything I need in the house, plus I never really put down my brush. Already I have a super fun series that is in the works. It's going to be 4 8x10 paintings. The whole process I go through will be posted here. That's the best part I think! Saturday I got the perfect sketch book that's already bursting with inspiration and sketches! The process I generally go through is this:
- get a general idea of what I want to do through music, art and my weird brain
- gather a bunch of things that inspire me for this project and paste them in my cute little sketch book so I have them all in once place
- do the preliminary sketches of what I want to do and the colors I want to use
- do a sketch the actual size of the work
- transfer the final sketch to canvas and go to town!
I am on step two right now, know what is going to be done and getting other inspiration and writing down ideas!

Sorry for the rambling! I am bursting with green tea yogurt and granola and way to excited about all of this. Congrats if you read it all. I shall leave you with a cute one of my favorite person (tied with Mikey) my nephew Caleb!



  1. so glad you are picking up the brush again. cant wait to see what manifests!
    best wishes,
    -Chelsea Rose

  2. I really miss painting. We used to have our spare bedroom for our "art studio"...but we had to have a roommate move in :( now I have nowhere to paint. It makes me sad

  3. I hate roomates! I have never had a good one besides now. And we are dating haha. I have my own little batcave but I still insist on painting in the living room on our coffee table. It's ok though because I think my guy likes me being out there with him.