cutesy weekly date night

It was cutesy date night with my man tonight. We try to do this at least once a week.

This is my favorite pin I have. I try not to wear too much hello kitty stuff because people already thing I'm twelve (I'm not kidding I have no clue why people think I'm super young, I have a haunted house tattooed on my chest... haha). But this pin is just too cute to pass up! It's actually two pins :)

For some reason I love how dark our lighting in the bedroom is. Mike hates it. (Look at how messy my bed is!) 
Off to sleepy time. Work at 5am ughhh. 



  1. whoa. I. love. your. chest. piece!
    cute date night outfit!!

  2. Thank you its my favorite thing everrrrr! I always look down at my chest and think "wow that's awesome", in a dorky way not a vain way I promise!