yay for getting fit

Working out the past 2 days has gone really well! Yesterday I did some morning yoga and then a gnarly pilates dvd that I got over the weekend. Oh my lord. Pilates is hard when you haven't worked out in years! I got through half of it and then had to stop. My body just doesn't twist that way! For what I did do my abs sure feel it. I love that feeling the day after a good workout when you are sore, but in a good way. Today we went to the gym and I did 3 more minutes of cardio before and after my workout! I am so proud of myself. My weight goal isn't a number (I refuse to use a scale) but I picked up my prom dress and I want to be able to fit into it again!

I was going to post a picture but I am not willing to admit that is me hahaha.

time to clean the house!



  1. I'm with you! I am totally hardcore about making 2010 my year to get fitter (I type this as I'm eating some light mint choc chip ice cream...:)

  2. that's ok its like so it doesn't count! :)