happy spring!

Today was a good day. Mikey and I took Sadie to the park to run around because it was almost 70 out! How crazy is that?! After we visited some local shops that we have been meaning to stop at for awhile. About 4 blocks down from us it turns out there is an amazing little craft slash handmade gift slash art store it's called Craft Chemistry and it was sooo stinking cute. Turns out there is a very small disorganized crafting community in Syracuse that I never knew about! How wonderful. The owner (I didn't catch her name) told me about how every 3rd Sunday of the month they have little craft circles. Sadly I can't go this Sunday but next month I am so down! Maybe I will get to network with some local artists and crafty people like I have always wanted too.

Spring is making things look amazing already.



  1. Yay! for awesome weather!

    I hope you get your fill since it seems like its going to drop so drastically soon.

  2. Yay for meeting like-minded crafty people!x

  3. Hello! Since you have won my giveaway, I will need your email in order to get your shipping address. Thank you!