Hi everyone! Happy St Patrick's Day to you all. Thank you to everyone who has entered the giveaway so far. It's going to be so fun, hopefully I can do them more often. Here is a little sneak at the painting I have been working in my spare time. The Indie Biz class and training a puppy seems to be taking up alot of my time lately. But of course I am totally cool with that.

whip wed

In other news, the gym has been going great. My clothing is starting to get real big on me and I can officially fit into a dress that was all sorts of tight on me before. I can't wait to reach my target size and buy a million pretty dresses. Old Navy has some super cute ones right now...

Getting in shape feels so awesome! I just need to stop cheating and eating cookies. Silly bakery makes it so hard for me! Do any of you have a healthy snack food that you like? I need some new ideas bad. Other than fruit, Cara cara navel oranges are the best things ever. Off to bed. Ek! I just realized how late it is (830pm haha) 

Good night everyone!
PS remember the giveaway below, sorry I'm going to be super annoying about this all week :)


  1. Popcorn? Not so bad for you. I usually spice it up with cayenne and chili powder. Nutritional yeast makes it taste a little cheesy, too, if you're interested.

  2. Hum, healthy snacks...

    -1/4 cup soy yogurt with blue berries.
    - handful of almonds mixed with raisins
    - Trader Joes sells 100 calorie chocolate bars!

  3. oh, raw dehydrated flax seed crackers from whole foods or trader joes!