It seems that in the past few weeks this blog has obtained quite a few new followers (thanks to Indie Biz mostly). I just wanted to take a moment to say hello, welcome and thank you for reading! Go ahead and leave a link in the comments, I would love to read everyone's blog!

Let me properly introduce myself, my name is Casey Kirkland Johnson and I am 23 years old.

Syracuse, New York is where I currently call home, but I grew up about 45 minutes south of here in a small town called Cazenovia. One of those little towns that looks like it belongs in a movie. I share my home with my wonderful boyfriend Mikey, and our 3 cats Durden, Danzig and Mustache. 
9/10/09- durden
9/10/09- danzig
baby mustache
I am an avid collector. As my mother would say I am a "stuff getter". On my many shelf's are books, fabric, toys, comics, Elvis trinkets, owls, records and plastic toy cameras.  If it's old and creepy I probably have it. 
For a living I am the head baker at a bakery in downtown Syracuse called Pasta's Daily Bread. There we bake our signature bread called Italian Stretch Bread, foccacias, specialty breads, giant cookies, brownies and various other treats
chunky peanut butter

On my off time I am constantly doing some sort of craft. Painting, crochet, sewing and any sort of home improvement. My greatest dream in life is to take all of those and squish them into one. I want to open a bakery/cafe filled with amazing coffee drinks, baked goods, art and handmade items. Where the decorations are handmade and it feels like a place you could sit for hours with your friends talking and sipping tea. In this blog I like to record new things I learn, what I am working on and fun things that happen during my day.

The next few months should be very exciting, a trip to Florida, Indie Business 2.0, tons of new art and hopefully a new puppy! Spring is bringing amazing changes and I can't wait to share them with everyone! Plus it's about time for a giveaway. Since I never win them (horrible luck with that sort of thing) I want to give someone else the chance to! But more on that later in the week. 

It's wonderful meeting you all. And again. Thank you for sharing my little part of the blogosphere with me.

Casey Kirkland


  1. "if it's old and creepy, I probably have it"
    hhahah i love that.
    One of my dreams is to do that exact same thing, to open a coffee/art/bakery/book space!

    Also, in the first photo, did you paint the painting right above your head?

  2. Cazenovia? Sounds like it belongs in Eastern Europe.

  3. Thank you for the intro. You and your wee kittens are adorable!

  4. I'd about die for one of those cookies right now.

    Yours cats are not only sooo cute, but I absolutely love their names. :)

  5. Yay! I also have mini collections of random things, how can you pick just one thing to love? ;) Aaand...it is totally my dream to one day own or help run a Vegan bakery/cafe/art space! One of my dearest friends went to Cazenovia College, he says you could throw a rock across the town. Haha! I grew up in a small town just 45 min or so south of Syracuse as well, Vestal/Binghamton...I escaped the east coast right after graduation and have never looked back...funny enough I ended up in a small town just like the one I grew up in but on the west coast...its not forever but for now I call it home. Happy Monday! "See" you in class!

  6. oooh, a new puppy, how exciting! What breed are you getting?

  7. Great to meet you! Spring IS bringing some amazing changes! I am so excited about the Indie Biz class and the possibilities that follow! Have a wonderful evening, feel free to pop in on my blog anytime!

  8. I *so* enjoy all that is old and creepy! A gal after my own heart.

  9. lovely to get to know you! i'm excited for indie biz and it will be fun to see you around!

  10. cute photos. i might have drooled a little. and a little cozy tea shop would be so lovely, i hope it works out for you :]


  11. Cute you have a cat named Danzig! Growing up my cousin had this obsession with Glen Danzig. :)

  12. love your cats name ! im obsessed with mustaches (: very nice to meet you too lol , hope you have a good day
    -xoxo kelsey

    ps love your blog

  13. Aww Thanks for sharing! So glad to be your Indie Biz classmate!


  14. Kevi- The orange and black thing? That's a curtain I made out of awesome Halloween fabric!

    Everyone else- Thank you so much!

  15. I secretly want to be a baker :)
    Found you through Indie Biz

  16. Your bakery idea sounds amazing. You should do it. There are too many stores these days that lack charm!