Meet Sadie.

Meet Sadie!
Meet the newest edition to our little family. Her name is Sadie May Dougher and she is half terrier and half chihuahua. The picture makes her look way bigger than she is because she was closer to the camera. Sadie is 6 months old and loves balls and sitting on Mommy's lap.
Last night I went out to a ladies house to visit a puppy I had found on craigslist.com. Not hopeful at all after the last time I tried to meet a dog (it HATED me). Right away I knew this was supposed to be our dog. She was super excited to meet me, played lots of catch, crawled up in my lap and gave me a million kisses. Needless to say she came right home with me. The lady was nice enough to give me her kennel, all of her toys, the blankets she slept on, an unopened bag of really good dog food and a bunch of those piddle pad things.

She is soooo excited to be here. The cats are slowly getting used to her and she is slowly getting used to them. Mikey is still a bit scary to her at times. But if I was a tiny little dog a 6 foot big man with a beard would make me nervous too. I can't wait to buy her clothes and get her used to walking outside. She is barely socialized and gets a bit nervous when meeting new people, but she is young enough that we can ease her into it still.

Expect many many pictures of our little love. We gotta catch her sleeping or something so that you can see her better. She wiggles so much!

Casey Kirkland


  1. What a doll! I love her! I hope you have lots of fun with her :D Just take her out all the time and get her around as any people and other dogs as possible and she'll be just fine. Socialization is so important but I'm sure you know that ;)

    She looks a lot like a dog that comes to the doggie daycare I work at...his name is Yoda hehe. I'll have to try and get a picture of him so you can see :D

    again congrats!

  2. YES!!! She is so cute! I hope you SATURATE your blog with pics of her! Congrats!

  3. yayyyy! i am so jealous you have no idea. i wish we could have a puppy!

  4. Aww, she's super cute!
    I'm so glad it went way better than last time. :)

  5. Hiii I am stopping by from Indie Biz! :) Your pup is so cute! In fact, I have a Sadie dog too AND got her off Craigslist :)