works in progress as of today!

I really enjoyed showing everyone my works in progress last week so I'm definitely going to keep it up. Along with a few other things, the Monday Jumpstart and starting this week a little DIY Friday. I love keeping a pattern and this will keep me blogging and recording my progress.

Here we go! As of this week I am working onnn...

The painting from last week has only been touched once (opps!) but I promise myself this week I will finish it.

WIP 3/10/10

Here is the crochet afghan I started last week. It is super wide so I have a feeling it will be done by... well by the time its cold again haha.

WIP 3/10/10

A giant painting I have been working on for a month. Some day painting I will finish you.

WIP 3/10/10

And of course what's taking up most of my time is the Indie Business Workshop! I am learning so much I can't wait to get started on everything. It's totally fine that other projects are going a bit slower because of it.

That's all of this week. Hopefully next week there will be a bit more progress. Tomorrow I'm going to post a few finished things and Friday some super yummy cookies that I have been making since I was a kid!

I shall leave you with some wiggling Sadie love.

Sadie May Von Loverstuff

Casey and Sadie (yes I'm that lame.)


  1. That first painting is quite cute. Sometimes I wish I could walk around disguised as an animal and be convincing. To have the leisurely life of a pet.

  2. Right? I'm doing a whole series based on that feeling! Good to know someone else gets it :)

  3. Love the colours in the afghan! Beautiful artwork too!

  4. a) sadie is adorable!
    b) your artwork is awesome!
    c) i love the colors you're using for your afghan!
    d) i used a lot of exclamation marks in this comment!!