cake recipe and thrifting

Hello again everyone! First things first. There were many requests for the carrot cake recipe, so here it is! Mrs Paula Deen gave me the original one that you can find here! When I use a recipe I make sure to take it and make it my own as much as I can. Little touches like adding some applesauce, taking away oil and of course I add real maple syrup to everything because my mom has her own company! My favorite trick is to take all the good stuff and add way too much of it. Now I don't mean add more sugar or flour if you like those, that will throw off the chemistry of it, things like chocolate chips, nuts and any sort of filling are totally fine to add more. Make sure to use fresh of everything and go have fun!

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year for one major reason. The Sunday flea market! Today my friend Emmy and I went for the first time of the year. We didn't find much but what we found were for sure winners! There was this one guy selling nothing but old weird trading cards. Emmy picked up 2 sets of New Kids on the Block and I got one of those also plus a pack of The Last Action Hero cards! What?! They made those!? Yes! They did! And now I own a set!


The only other find of the day was huge. Not in size but in awesomeness. Check it out. A mug that will protect you from getting any liquid or foam in your MUSTACHE! And yes I did make the boys try it and they say it's perfect for just that! No fear little mustaches you are now safe from getting wet when you are at my house!


Really this weekend was a great time for stuff getting. My Mom handed down her pots and pans to me. They are so much nicer than my old ones plus they're this pretty deep red color! I also went shopping and got a cast iron skillet, nice wooden spoons and a timer shaped like an egg.


I'll admit it, getting new stuff makes me happy. I am a stuff getting for sure. Did you guys get anything cool this weekend?

Time to go hang out with the animals.

Casey Kirkland


  1. OMG! That mustache mug is THE BEST THING EVER!!! Awesome find!!! I've been organizing my craft room and came across stuff I forgot about. Does that count??? ;)

  2. that is the coolest mug i've ever seen! SERIOUSLY amazing!

  3. Those NKOTB cards are have a pretty high awesomeness quotient too :) I think I might still have some from when I was a kid.

  4. that mustache cup is hilarious! We got new pillows this weekend and they are wonderful.

  5. awesome finds! flea market and garage sale season is my favorite!