New Job?!

So everyone I think it's about time for me to be able to talk about were I will be working at the end of this month. Had to hold back due to the internet being public and everything. Do you ever forget that literally everyone can see what you write? I do alllll of the time haha. Ok so I mentioned a bit ago about Tapas. Well at the end of May I will be Chef at a Tapas Bar opening in Syracuse. It's in this amazing old building so right now they are working on cleaning it up, painting and getting everything ready! I cannot wait until everything is up and running. Being apart of something brand new and getting to see it build up and change is going to be so awesome. Plus the food we will be making sounds so fun! Lots of pretty little plates and yummieness! And it gets better! How you say? The hours I will be working. Instead of 3am it's 3pm!!! Ah! Like a normal human being! Words cannot express my excitement. I'll make sure to post lots of pictures when we are open of the food and the building. And Cindy one of the owners things it might be haunted. My favorite thing ever is an old haunted house. Man I am getting so excited just writing this!

In other news. My kitchen at home is coming along slowly. This past weekend I got the new dishes and this week I plan on painting the cabinets and hanging things back up. I think next week we are getting something like this:
Just a basic metal shelving unit from Target that we can fill with dishes, baskets of goodies and of course my Hello Kitty waffle maker that is now in hiding. A few other things I want for my kitchen are food plushies. Super cute and will add some nice color to the room. Here are some that I found in my search.

little loves from mypapercrane

Ah I cannot wait for this to be done. It really needs to get nice out again so that I feel motivated to paint. Currently it's cold, gray and SNOWING outside! Ah it's so not fair to have this weather in almost May. Anyways time for the gym! I hope the weather is better where you are!



  1. Congrats on the new job! I LOVE tapas restaurants. They are by far the best because I get to try so many dishes. Sounds like a great place to be working.

  2. The strawberries are adorable :)

  3. Yay for the new job it sounds so cool! I can't wait to see your kitchen


  4. congratulations on the new job! that's so exciting!

  5. Congrats on the new job! I'm a new follower and love the blog! I am also loving the plush foodies! So precious! The tea bag is hilareous!! I actually laughed out loud. Have a good one!

  6. Congratulations on the new gig! That sounds so awesome. Hopefully you will have some spooky tales to share :)

    P.S. Those zombie plushies are great!

  7. Love a tapas bar, congrats girly!

  8. Hey!

    Congrats on the new job! I love tapas!!

    Also, thanks for posting my zombies!!


  9. Oh my, thanks for showing the zombie tea bag and coffee mug!