kitchen update slash new blog buttons!

What another fast exciting super busy week! Today is actually my Wednesday so I guess I should say week so far. Oh well! So I snapped a few photos of the kitchen in progress. It's not anything great now but you can get an idea of the color change, the blue and green are the new and the gross yellow and purple are the old. A few years ago when I moved into here I got a little too excited and went out and bought the cheapest paint I could find just so that I could do some painting in my very first apartment! Little did I know that super cheap flat flat paint looks horrible no matter how cool the color combo is. I didn't ever bother taping anything off or finishing it. You can see where I took the blue and went over the line a lot, that's just me going over the bad paint. Next will be cleaning all that up with a white paint.

Excuse the mess. Mid redecorating over here!

Oh man did I luck out with the paint. I stopped by the Home Depot to check out the opps paint situation and hit the jackpot! 5 gallons of the new super nice paint that is also a primer in the pale blueish green color that I wanted came home with me! Normally a five gallon bucket of that paint would set you back $150 and I got it for $15!!! Can you believe it?! I also got a few more gallons of colors that will work perfectly for the rest of the house. I am so lucky with this paint thing!

Another awesome thing that happened this week. The lovely Courtney over at you will. won't you? made me some blog buttons! Yay they are so cute! I can't wait till she gets the stuffed monster I sent her! If you would like to add one of my new buttons to your blog just let me know and I would be happy to add yours to mine!



Tomorrow and Sunday I have to work. Yucky yuck. Lucky me I get to work with my guy both days. Big things are happening on the new job front. I'll give you a clue, have you ever heard of a Tapas Restaurant? If not click on the link and it will give you a fairly good overview of it.

Off to work on a cute pillow I am making. I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!

Casey K


  1. Man! Wooden walls, I lived in a place exactly like that I wasn't allowed to paint. Looking good!

  2. P.S. I posted your button on my blog! If you are interested in a trade


  3. Oh wow your kitchen looks like it's coming along really nicely. I like yellow kitchens a lot but that cool color is really nice! Awesome job, I'm looking forward to seeing the end result! You should do a before and after type deal.

  4. so lucky with the paint! that's amazing! and I love the color so much!

    you're new buttons are really cute too....i'm not sure which one to choose!

  5. Yay! I'm so happy you (and others!) love you new buttons.

    By the way the paint looks soo gorgeous! Lucky girl.

  6. I I had your old button on my blog but I can't wait to switch it for the new one. Courtney did an amazing job :)


  7. So lucky with the paint! Hope I get that lucky when I buy mine. Ooh I LOVE TAPAS!! I went to Spain last year and had the best Tapas eveeeerrr! Will you be working in a Tapas restaurant next? xo

    Awesome buttons! Gonna grab one now.

  8. That color is great, and I love it with black! Looks awesome!