why my dad is totally awesome

I love my parents. On Monday I went out to my Father's house in Sheds, NY. Yes there really is a place called Sheds. His neighbors are Amish and I like to call it Scotland because of how pretty the rolling hills are. My Dad is the coolest, he taught me about welding and I helped build a race car trailer while I was there. He is the craftiest thing, he even made my bed and a lot of the furniture that is around my house.

Him welding the trailer. 
His dog Suey. She is so pretty and the best to snuggle, look at all of that fluff!
This is the headboard he made me. I love love love it. It is way more filled now and will continue to be as time goes on. 

In the summer of 2006 my dad went on a motorcycle ride for his birthday. All of a sudden a huge storm swept across our area without much warning. My father got caught in it and tried to get home but as he turned a corner a tree fell, swung and knocked him totally off his bike. The only reason he survived was because he was wearing a full face helmet, a jacket with a built in chest protector and thick leather chaps. His whole upper body was crushed and had to be rebuilt. The hospital told us they had never seen arms broken that badly but the doctors did some gnarly surgeries on not only his arms but a deep cut on one thigh, his tear duct and his shoulders.  I am so proud of him for fighting through it all and now being able to do something like work on a race car. Most things take him longer and he has to figure out ways to do things differentially than he used to (he couldn't turn a door knob so he had to get special ones) but he makes the best of every thing and has never stopped creating awesome things and working as hard as he can.

 (He had me sneak and take these pictures on my phone, the nurses yelled at me but he wanted them for later to look back on. I agree with him.)

I couldn't ask for a better father. He has lived through so much and I am so proud of him every day.  

In a few weeks my Mom is coming down for a baby shower and to be awesome like she always is. I'll do a big why my Mom is awesome post then for sure. Parents are the best I hope everyone goes and hugs their Dads and Moms today!



  1. Kurt Halsey and Domo? - it's like being in my bedroom!

    Also, that is quite a collection of lotion; is it on your side or your boyfriends? hehe (yay for masturbation!)

  2. Wow. Your father is amazing! What an inspiring story! Love that headboard!

  3. Oh my gosh, poor dad. His little broken arms! I love people who are close with their parents <3 Too many people aren't.

  4. wow! moms and dads do deserve hugs on the daily... your room is rad

  5. Well, now I think your dad is totally awesome too! I am always inspired by people who get back up and keep going. Much Love.

  6. I think your dad is pretty amazing too! What an uplifting story. Give your folks and extra hug from me!

  7. Hi Casey! I am sending you the print you won from Courtney's blog by the end of this week! Congrats and hope your dad gets back on his feet soon :)

  8. I'm so glad your dad made it through that accident! he sounds like an awesome dad! :)

  9. I am still laughing out loud at Courtney's comment. She notices every damn thing in a photograph!

    That picture of your dad is gnarly. What an amazing man. I am a total daddies girl so I love hearing other people talk about how much they love their dads :)