my favorite podcasts!

So I have been listening to very little music lately and a whole lot of podcasts. There is something about learning while doing something that is just so awesome and fulfilling. Two of them I listen to the most lately are This American Life and Stuff You Should Know.

This American Life with Ira Glass always seems to make me cry. No matter what, but I guess that's not really hard to do. Every podcast they pick a topic and do a few stories under that. This past week was "babysitting". So many stories, so awesome. Plus look how cute Ira is!

Stuff You Should Know from howstuffworks.com is amazing! This one basically picks a topic every week and tells you all about it! From ninjas to how dogs perceive time. I now know so much information thats to this. Sunday I learned about high fructose corn syrup. Um... yuck. From this podcast I found the story of Howard Dully. At the age of 12 Dully received a transorbital lobotomy and luckly he lived to tell the story of how it has changed his life. This story is totally awesome. You can find out all about it here at NPR, or he wrote a book titled My Lobotomy. There is also a podcast of it, just search "my lobotomy" or "howard dully" should work also.

Dully getting the lobotomy! I can't believe that they got a picture of it. How horrible these were. You should definitely listen to the podcast about lobotomies. 
I need this book!

Ah the life of a nerd. I love it. 

Casey Kirkland


  1. Oh my god! Me too! I've been loving Ira since I was in high school I think. When I was in college I used to listen to it every saturday on the school's radio when I was working in the darkroom.
    It wasn't until I didn't have a radio that I subscribed to the podcast.
    Have you seen the show at all? It's so awesome.
    I *heart* you Ira Glass (but then again I am a HUGE NPR fan anyways!)

  2. Have you seen the television show for This American Life? Think sobbing, not crying.

  3. Oh my lord I have not seen the show but meaning to watch it soon. I LOVE NPR!

  4. damn that is just so horrible :(

  5. I love this american life! i listen to the episode archives while I'm at work, and I'm totally going to have to check out stuff you should know!

  6. if that interested you, you might want to check out:
    It is PBS american experience about the guy who invented lobotomies and sites of ton of different peoples experiences. Completely fascinating!

    and NPR rules

  7. I love NPR everything! TAL and StoryCorps always make me tear up too!


  8. how incredibly creepy yet fascinating! i can't help but think of shutter island :)