a late jumpstart for the week of 4/19/10

Yesterday totally got away from me. All of a sudden it was bedtime and I hadn't done a few important things, like the jumpstart I like to do every week to keep me focused and inspired. So a little late but here are some things that I'm digging this week:

-I made it through Indie Business 2.0! Yay for everyone who did also. So much was learned. I'm glad it will be up for a year so I can go back and relearn it all.

- This adorable website called The Layer Cake Shop. Go visit it, they carry such cute things as these that I need!

I haven't made cupcakes in forever. I think today might be the day. Carrot cake perhaps?

-The other day I ran around my local craft store looking at all of the amazing scrapbooking stuff. Now I have never really done this. But I think I just might give in a start a scrapbook myself. Any advice for a beginner? It's such a good excuse to buy pretty things such as this:

- I want to plan a roadtrip to the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this year. I'm sure the guy will be down. Then I can save up alllll summer and buy EVERYTHING there!

Now I just have to get the guy to agree to go with me!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Love and kisses,
Casey Kirkland


  1. yea for graduating!! I still have a few projects to catch up on...ooops.
    Love the post.

  2. those cupcake toppers are adorable!!!

  3. I really like the woodland cupcake kit. Congrats on graduating from Indie Business. I am signed up to take Elsie's journaling class next and I am really excited.

  4. Yes, save and come to Chicago for the Renegade craft fair! I go every year and trust me, you will not be disappointed :) You can meet up with Courtney from (You will won't you?) and I. It's such a blast!

  5. Elizabeth- Oh my that would be so fun! I hope I made it out!